(I am going to be) Fucked, Happy & Free

CSG/NY Online Group Exhibition
July 21-September 01, 2016

Christopher Stout Gallery, New York presents, (I am going to be) Fucked, Happy and Freeā€¦ a social media-based set of image mosaics revisiting ART highlights from our first year of gallery and fair projects.

The glib title of our exhibition stems from the scabrous 1978 play by Howard Brenton, “Sore Throats”.

Commencing July 21st and extending every couple of days through September 1st, CSG/NY will launch via our social media channels a new image mosaic comparing and celebrating ART from our roster of predominantly SOLO exhibitions.

Through this exhibition, we hope to foster dialogue and cohesion in the ART of our gallery program, as well as a greater discernment and appreciation for difficult and subversive ART currently being made by New York City artists.

Panel 1: This image aligns the painting, "The Velveteen Faggot" by queer power artist Vincent Tiley with a drawing from “Society Portraits” by Andrew Cornell Robinson. Although there is a visual congruency between the works, the first piece discusses BDSM relations between men, whereas the Robinson piece explores class and societal privilege.

* * * * * * * * * *

Christopher Stout Gallery, New York (CSG/NY) is a contemporary art gallery in Bushwick, showing subversive and difficult work by New York City artists. We delight in serving as a platform for discourse on work that is challenging to authority paradigms, feminist, queer, anti-establishment, hyper-aggressive, mystic, and/or joyously sexual.

We will debut our second year of exhibition programming this fall beginning with the SOLO exhibition of “The Legacy Stone” (The Donald Trump Tombstone) by Brian Andrew Whiteley.